is that interstellar diplomacy/war game around since the 1970s produced by   the people who started the Play By Mail industry. It features 15 players each playing one of 6 character types. Each character type requires different resources to produce points to achieve the victory score. These requirements will bring them into conflict with other characters OR bring about alliances that can cooperate to better each other's score, provide security or take out competing players. These characters include:

Berserker - robots who gain points by the wholesale destruction of life.

Apostle - whose mere presence will start to sway your population to their credo or religion. Gaining points by the number of converts or totally converted worlds and by shooting at infidels and unbelievers.

Empire Builders - who gain points for real estate and not just any real estate. They thrive on worlds with the richest mines, industries and largest populations.

Merchant - you score by hauling precious metal from outer worlds to the industrial centers of your clients. Why hire you? Because only a merchant can double load their freighters.

Art Collector - you gain points by collecting those rare artifacts found scattered throughout the cosmos.

Pirate - To plunder and pillage gains you points despite the fact that it stops the world from mining, industries from building and population from growing. Your ability to capture enemy space fleets intact make you an awesome warrior.

As the diplomacy builds you may find that you are trading your turnsheets with allies and that you may have upward of 20 pages of data to peruse each turn. In fact, the more successful your play the larger the turnsheet seems to get. I have found the best way to handle such large amounts of data and to find those important to your scoring, fighting or trading is to utilize the STARWEB ANALYZER.
It is an amazing utility by:
Flying Moose Technologies .

Combined Turnsheets

Basically, the Starweb Analyzer takes the turnsheets you obtain by email and those of your allies and combines them into an online combined turnsheet encompassing all the information. It remembers data from older turns that no longer shows up on your turnsheet and all this information can be saved for printing or emailing to other players. One of the most advantageous abilities of the Starweb Analyzer is it's ability to search this database for specific information you require without having to pour over pages of data. A series of searches, filters and sorts allow you to find those things you need such as metal stockpiles, reinforcements, plunderable worlds, enemy fleets, high population worlds etc. This feature is also linked to a color map which will highlight any of the searches/filters.


The map is very user friendly using the mouse for drag and drop to position worlds and even supports mouse supported order generation from the map (no typing required). The map also can be exported as a bitmap or gif for emailing.

Order Editor

Finally, the program has an order editor for creating your order sheet. It will check them for any typing errors,  major game errors such as ordering mutually exclusive orders, check the world connection information and even sends warnings when you transfer or build to other than yourself. The editor can create a template of incomplete orders for you to fill out - unloads, builds and incomplete fleet orders. It supports comments so that you can put your thoughts in concerning your plans - which you can email to your allies or just keep to remind you why you are doing certain actions. This draft copy will be stripped of comments when you are done so that the final copy is in FBI order format and ready to be emailed. For more detailed information about this amazing GUI utility click here 

Do you want to see how I did at the Flying Buffalo Tournament 1998 using the Starweb Analyzer? Click on my trophy :-).


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