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Suppose God identified himself to us by changing the colour of the sky, writing his name across the heavens and showing other unmistakable evidences. Wouldn’t people ask, “Is this really the god of the Bible?” Wouldn’t the next questions be, “Is he omnipotent? Does he own the earth and the universe too? How can we accept his authority over mankind?” We can see why some say proving God is impossible. But there is proof, real proof to answer all the above and more. It can even be proven that God did speak to real people, real witnesses thousands of years ago.


When God spoke to Abraham and Jacob forty centuries ago, he prophesied the history of the Israelite people. God accomplished this by just two phrases/statements: (1) Jacob is Israel (2) Abraham is father of nations. From these two statements and a literal Bible chronology, the entire history of Israel can be charted. Abraham and Jacob’s lives would foreshadow the nation Israel — end result, the Bible and prophecy are verified.

Amazingly, the sequence of events in Jacob’s life match the sequence of events in Israel’s history. Date and time periods in Jacob’s life parallel Israel’s major historic events from the beginning of the nation, the exodus out of Egypt, to the present day, a period of almost 3500 years. Other parallels can be found between Isaac, Jesus and Israel’s Temple...and there are others.

This discovery is not speculation or theory but lasting scientific proof the average reader can check on his own just by examining the Bible record. There are no opinions and fanatical ideas used. The reader will be amazed at how practical and applicable prophecy really is. Most important is what we can learn from it and how it can help us now and in the far future.

No amount of words can describe the magnitude and effectiveness of the discovery. The reader has to examine it for himself. The concise proof can be read in Miracle In History. To request a copy click here.


If the Bible does contain a message from God, have we given it enough credit? Accept it as true for the moment and consider what a real proof reveals and what it can do.

  1. If God exists then good and evil exists. Most people find out too late in life that evil grows (like a living disease out to get us). The worse is they realize their own contribution to its growth and can now do nothing but die. Can man defeat evil on his own? The Bible says no. If we ignore it we will always be victims.
  2. Faith in God is not fanaticism and faith is not blind. Real faith is founded on truth. Ideology/religion without truth causes strife and there are those who can start wars from this. Everyone in the world should be concerned.
  3. The wisdom, logic and intelligence in God’s proof (in the Bible) is surprising; far different than what some have led us to believe about God. It is high time we put away detrimental misconceptions about God. The more we respect the Bible, the more we will be able to apply its advice. The Bible has economic and social principles that can solve the world’s problems (or protect us in the end).
  4. True prophecy is from God. It is not the result of human invention and fantasy. A time is coming when the whole world will look to it for direction (Revelation 6:16). Believe it or not but massive changes are coming. For us to be helped by prophecy, prophecy must be understood practically and that is what Miracle In History does.
  5. Understanding Ancient History (before 2500 B.C.) Our knowledge of ancient history comes from interpretations of opinions not facts, and it is developed with a near total disregard to the Bible record (the average person does not realize the implications). Sadly, each mistake in interpreting and applying archeological finds jeopordizes our ability to see what is true in the Bible. Even if the Bible were only partially true it has more facts and less opinion than secular ancient history. There is a better way to understand ancient history rather than ignore the Bible’s information. Many problems in conventional history (and some fascinating mysteries) can actually be solved.

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