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Who is God?
Does the Bible prove he has authority over all the earth?

Is there to be judgement and condemnation without warning? As Godís witnesses we must to fully explain and prove everything in his plan. In the end the entire world will demand evidence, and many will lay blame saying they were not told. The most dangerous question will be, How can the God of light and love end the world in such pain, torment and suffering? There is only one answer to this. Only prophecy proves God is omniscient. Bible prophecy shows this; there is perfect and verifiable proof! By this we can trust his judgement over evil and his plan for his creation.

Did you know that when Jesus returns he will not ask people to trust him? This should already be done by his true servants. It is the major witness and readiness of the believer. Miracles are just the beginning.

At last, actual proof of God and that the Bible contains the inspired word of God. Practical and scientific, a proof which any reader can check, verifying the Bible text, prophecy and chronology. Not based on opinion or theory. No fictitious chronologies. No arbitrary prophetic calculations.
1. Absolute Proof
by Raymond Chin
Bible numerics has been with us for more than a century, and discoveries great and mediocre have been made. Some mediocre discoveries have detracted from its claim to prove the Bible. But clearly Bible numerics is more of a proof than ELS (a.k.a. Bible Codes) will ever be.
2. Bible Numerics
by Jerry Chin
When is a miracle or religious experience not true? How do we find out? The Bible tells us what is true, and what is false.
3. What Is A Real Miracle?
by Jerry Chin

The real story behind Israelís invasion of Canaan. It was not a massacre (genocide) but an important lesson on good and evil. [Two articles].
4A. The Judgement Of Canaan
by Raymond Chin

4B. The Invasion Of Canaan
by Jerry Chin

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