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Get Your Own Website Address
Once you have a website put together you need a web address to go with it. Need more info? Read article on domain names

Uploading Web Pages

Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting - Starting from $4.84 / Month

Now What
Now that you have made your website you need the services of a web host. Web hosts provide a place on the internet where folks like you can put a website so everyone can see it. This web space is called a "web server". Think of it as the folder on your computer where you keep your website files.

Some web hosts charge a fee for this web space, others such as give it for free. With a paid host you need your own domain name, (your own website address e.g. Most free hosts give you a web address that incorporates their domain name, for example

Once you have a place for your website you need to copy your website files from your computer to the web server, either by means of a control panel in your web hosting account or by a program called ftp. This process is referred to as "uploading".

Uploading by ftp is the most common and easiest way of transferring files to your web space. There are both free and paid ftp software programs you can use, the following is a general explanation how to use one, for specific instructions check the help section of the ftp program you are using.

From a dialog box in the ftp program enter your web host’s name, this is usually the web address (url) of your web host except it has ftp in front of the address instead of www (check with your web host to be sure). Next enter your username and password. Once you’re logged in to the web server you’re ready to transfer your files. In the ftp program you will see a couple of windows:

The local window - this window displays the files on your computer
The remote window - this window displays files on your web space (web server)

Some web hosts require that you upload your files to a folder called public_html, if you see this folder in the remote window open it because this is where your website files will be put. Now it’s simply a matter of selecting files in the local window and copying them to the remote window. If you keep some of your website files in subfolders (see Linking To Other Folders) you will need to make these folders in the remote window, how it’s done depends on the program you are using, some will allow you to copy and paste the folder along with its contents directly to your web space.

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